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Model of engagement

  • k-Yantra project develops know-how for setting up an automated agriculture project testbed to address ​ real world problem and hands-on learning for students to apply theory in a ​ fun and productive manner​ .
  • This entails first generating a rich growing medium (soil) through ​ recycling dry biomass (leaves) and resource recovery of garden and kitchen waste which is in sync with the municipal solid waste management agenda of both the central and state government and consistent with “Swach Bharat".
  • Plan and execute the creation of beds for growing plants.
  • Making the gadgets, tools, networked devices for ​maintaining and monitoring the growth of plants​.
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    e-Yantra Role?

  • e-Yantra ​transfers this know-how​ to interested eLSI colleges. This project seeds a live demo project in the eLSI college where students “own” this project which serves as a base for ​original B.E. projects.
  • Complete hand-holding in the ​setting up of the demo-project ​in the college premises for a fixed period of time.
  • Providing documented procedures for the various steps involved.
  • Provide a ​list of required materials​, consumables etc for setting up the test bed.
  • One day workshop ​at the premises of the college after the college identifies space.